About Us

Barwon Investment Partners was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.  Our focus is on creating innovative investment solutions in the private equity and property asset classes for institutional and wholesale clients.

Barwon has 5 partners: Rob Morrison, Sam Armstrong, Peter Conners, Tom Patrick and Kate Hayward each with extensive experience in investment management and financial services.  Barwon has a highly experienced investment team and a platform for investing globally.

Our investment philosophy focuses on alternative investment strategies and funds. We believe that reduced competition and greater inefficiencies in these sectors offer our clients the opportunity for superior risk-adjusted returns. We employ an active investment style, assessing potential investments on the basis of their fundamental value using rigorous research and analysis.

Barwon’s clients include institutional and wholesale investors located in Australia and internationally.



  • Our private ownership sees the partners committing their own capital alongside investors.
  • A culture of rigorous research, and risk management, driving the assessment of each investment opportunity.
  • A focused and passionate team with a flat management structure, providing the capacity for rapid opportunity assessment and transaction execution.
  • Our deep knowledge of property and private equity markets.
  • Our commitment to strong performance and alignment of interest with Barwon’s investors.