Barwon Property specialises in providing direct property investment solutions for wholesale and institutional investors. Barwon’s strategies focus on value added and opportunistic property investments, as well as investments in specialist property sectors. At all times Barwon targets strong risk-adjusted returns for its investors.

Specialist Sector Strategies

  • Investments in core plus style income earning properties, typically targeting properties offering additional yield to core property through active leasing and asset management and moderate leverage.
  • Target sectors include healthcare property and childcare property.

Value-Added Strategies

  • Investments in income earning property offering enhanced returns through active management (leasing and refurbishment) with recurrent income typically comprising around 50% of total return.

Opportunistic Strategies

  • Higher risk and return property investments, including mezzanine debt and preferred equity investments into property development, distressed property and special situations. Targeting equity returns of over 15%.
  • Target sectors typically include medium and high density residential property and mixed use property.
  • Special situations include opportunities to recapitalise distressed properties or funds, provision of short-term financing or equity participation in projects in both metropolitan and major regional centres.

Barwon’s investment activities are focused on the Australian property market.